Dec 13, 2019
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Godfall the Barrier-Breaking Game for PlayStation 5

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As you may already know, at The Game Awards 2019, lots of surprises were discovered. The new Xbox Series X which was secretly referred to as Scarlett. Alongside that, the first discovery of a brand new IP and the console on which it will develop. That is “Godfall,” developed by Counterplay Games, embued to describe the power of the PS5 best. Barrier-breaking or Flagship, call it however you want, it was the first discovered game that’s been worked on PS5.

This is the first discovery of a PlayStation 5 title, and following the confirmation by PlayStation themselves, the game will be out in Holiday 2020 on PS5. And we’re very close to its release. It seems like both Microsoft and Sony have decided to open themselves and discover what’s essential to the public.

Below you can take a look at the official Tweet by PlayStation with the official Godfall reveal trailer.

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