Dec 5, 2019
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Next Outlast Game Announced, Will Be Multiplayer

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Developer Red Barrels has confirmed a new Outlast game is coming and it’s going to be very different to the first person horror games we know and love.

Announcing the next title, The Outlast Trials, Red Barrels has confirmed the game is a multiplayer experience that takes place in the era of the Cold War. The upcoming horror game will support up for four players in co-op play, and yeah, I’m pretty excited for it.

In a Facebook post, Red Barrels announced the news, writing: “Welcome to The Outlast Trials.

“The Red Barrels team is excited to announce our latest project in the Outlast universe. Set in the era of the Cold War, The Outlast Trials will allow players to face the horrors that await by themselves or with fellow test subjects ?

Credit: Red Barrels

“The Outlast Trials is still in production, and as our co-founder David Chateauneuf puts it: ‘Now we’ve done our proof of concept, it is time to focus on content creation, variety… and gore.’”

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