Dec 3, 2019
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Pokémon’s Sinnoh Region Has Been Rebuilt In Minecraft

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Minecraft builds of classic games are one of my favourite things, but this take on Pokémon’s Sinnoh region is truly something else. The iconic map, known from the classic games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, has been faithfully recreated in Minecraft blocks and you can check it out yourself below.

Credit: Funimation/The Pokemon Company

As shared to Reddit, the video has been created by YouTuber ぽりえん, and at the time of writing has been viewed just over 250,000 times.

The faithful restoration of the map includes the exact routes (with an OG mini-map for reference) and even the music from the original games. Honestly, treat yourself and check it out right here:

If you want to explore the Minecraft Sinnoh region for yourself you can find a link to the Google drive files over on the YouTube channel, right here.

Speaking of fun Minecraft builds, another…

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