Dec 9, 2019
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Shovel Knight: King of Cards Review

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Back in 2014, a little indie developer known as Yacht Club Games released a Kickstarter project by the name of Shovel Knight. Five years, a few amiibo, and a Super Smash Bros. cameo later we have finally reached the end of the original Shovel Knight Saga with King of Cards.

This final expansion title for Shovel Knight features new levels, music, and so much more that it feels like a full game. Better yet, this title exhibits the same excellent platforming and tight gameplay that you would expect from a Yacht Club Games title. King of Cards is no doubt one of the best platformers to release this year.

It’s certainly not like any other platformers that have come out in 2019, but it will likely feel quite familiar to Shovel Knight fans.

King Knight’s attacks and movement options differ immensely from the characters in past releases. Yet, some of the ways that your character controls and interacts with the environment brings you back to the original.

The way King Knight ruthlessly…

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