Dec 22, 2019
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Telltale Games Will No Longer Develop Games Episodically

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Telltale Games are re-assessing their approach to the release model of their games as well.

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Following a purchase of their assets earlier this year, Telltale Games were revived under new ownership and leadership. But much is changing at the studio, including the personnel, which also means that the way they approach development – and perhaps the release models – of their games is also being reviewed.

Recently, while speaking in an interview with, Telltale CEO Jamie Ottilie said that though the stories of their future games will follow an episodic structure, the games themselves will be developed in their entirety together, rather than on an episode-by-episode basis. As such, even if they are released episodically, the entire game will have already finished development when the first episode releases.

“We are creating the stories episodically, but how…

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