Dec 12, 2019
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Xseed On Localizing Heroland’s Charm And Japanese Jokes

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FuRyu’s Heroland already sports a quirky and charming atmosphere just from the game’s artstyle and setting, but a lot of the charm comes from seeing our hapless part-timer protagonist Lucky getting closer with Prince Elric and the other regular customers at the only JRPG-themed theme park around. Recently, Siliconera caught up with Xseed’s Lori Snyder and Derk Bramer, the Localization Translator and Editor for the game, to see how the magic was brought over Westwards.

Siliconera: How closely did XSEED’s staff work with FuRyu for Heroland’s localization and how do you feel this affected the final product?

Lori Snyder, Localization Translator: “If we had any concerns about the game or questions regarding how we should go about working with the text, FuRyu followed up with us as quickly as they could. The communication between them was really solid, and it definitely helped our process go along smoothly! I’d say it had a positive impact on the project.”

Derk Bramer,…

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