Jan 15, 2020
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Kakarot Launch Trailer Recreates Classic ‘Number 1’ Monologue

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Fans will recognize Vegeta’s speech in the launch trailer.

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The launch of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is upon us, and fans who want to replay through the classic DBZ saga in RPG form are probably in for a treat (just make sure you clear out a little space on your system of choice). We now get a launch trailer recreating a classic monologue that fans are sure to remember, in two different languages.

Bandai Namco released two launch trailers, one with the Japanese dub and another with the English dub. The Japanese one is called ‘Launch Trailer,’ though the English one is labeled ‘Vegeta Trailer.’ The latter isn’t random as it recreates the infamous “Number 1” speech that Vegeta gives about Goku that finishes out his character arc, one of the best parts of the Dragon Ball Z story. The game’s marketing has leaned heavily into the nostaglia, and this is no…

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