Jan 24, 2020
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How to Make Money Fast in Temtem

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There are a few ways to make cash in Temtem; with the most conventional methods being battling trainers and selling items. However, there is a certain method of earning money which can make you incredibly rich pretty quickly so let us teach you how to make money fast in Temtem.

This guide will show you how to earn Pacsun fast in Temtem using that specific technique.

How to Make Money Fast in Temtem

Before we talk about the method of earning cash or Pacsun quickly, you need to know that you can only do this after arriving at the second island in Temtem.

Once you arrive at the second island, enter the FreeTem! Organization building, which is on the island of Omninesia in the Canopath – Route 5, and speak to the clerk at the desk. He will present you with the opportunity to earn cash by freeing Temtem instead of sending them to your computer.

Freeing Temtem does sound very counter-productive, but it actually works out quite well for you.


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