Jan 28, 2020
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Coffee Talk Game Rewards You for Paying Attention

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Coffee Talk is one of those games that fits a bit into the VA-11 Hall-A sphere. Players are a barista at a coffee shop tending to customers and serving them drinks. It’s a visual novel where the tasks are there to add ambiance and atmosphere. But more importantly, it is a game about nuances and subtleties. So much is happening and going on. Rather than giving you plenty of backstory and insight, things build up gradually around you in this game, rewarding people who give it time and attention.

Each night in Coffee Talk plays out in a similar sort of way. As you work through your shift, a few customers will come in. As you fill their orders, they let you into their lives. As they sit and talk, their own stories intertwine. Some details fill in through obvious methods. As you correctly meet requirements, their Tomodachill pages will fill up in your phone and show you more information on their personal and professional lives. Your Brewpad app will fill up with more drinks you could…

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