Jan 28, 2020
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5 Reasons Not to Overlook Journey to the Savage Planet

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It’s Got a Great Sense of Humor

Journey to the Savage Planet may be a sci-fi exploration game at its core, but that hasn’t stopped the developers from dousing it in satirical comedy that oozes out of every one of its pores like we imagine the #4 sustenance resource in the universe, Grob, would if it were real.

It’s not just in the general cutscenes and dialog you can’t avoid, such as your friendly AI companion’s constant chunnering about you basically being nothing more than a number to Kindred Aerospace — your employer and the fourth best interstellar exploration company around.

Scanned object descriptions, collectibles, a bunch more video clips, correspondence with Kindred Aerospace, it’s all riddled with hilarious jibes at capitalism, corporations, and general modern-day life.

To talk about the satire in Journey to the Savage Planet as such a positive may seem bold, but it really does help to carry the game and keep you paying attention to what’s going on in…

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