Jan 9, 2020
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An All Purpose Beast of a Sidearm

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Devil’s Ruin was released the other day in Destiny 2 and my initial expectations going into the update were low. Not only have most of the exotic weapons released lately been highly situational, but sidearms in general have struggled to find a place in Destiny 2, especially in PvE. Color me surprised then when I got my hands on Devil’s Ruin and quickly learned that it kicks ass. With that said, let’s dive right into our Devil’s Ruin exotic weapon review.

By far the biggest and best part of Devil’s Ruin is that it is a weapon that uses primary ammo. That is the most important thing to keep in mind when reading the rest of this review. It’s very hard to run out of Devil’s Ruin ammo, especially if you spec out your armor with perks. Considering how hard this weapon hits, that’s going to be a major plus for using Devil’s Ruin.

Devil’s Ruin has two modes of fire: a traditional 300 RPM (Drang, Buzzard) firing sidearm. It hits very hard at close to short range, and is…

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