Jan 10, 2020
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Check out the First Trailer for the Next Pokemon Movie Coco

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It’s been an eventful day for Pokemon fans, and the latest bit of news is that the first teaser trailer for the next Pokemon movie has aired in Japan. 

Titled “Pokemon Coco,” the 30-second teaser opens up with a jungle scene, which quickly cuts to an unknown boy swinging through the treetops. He looks a bit like Tarzan, wearing nothing but rags, shaggy hair, and body paint. We see Ash and his loyal partner Pikachu look up at him in surprise.

The trailer transitions to a structure that looks like some sort of shrine or temple, and then to an adorable baby lying on a bed of leaves in the middle of the jungle. We don’t know who this baby is, but he shares the same eye and hair color as the boy who was swinging through the trees.

We also see strange bubbles of light at two points in the trailer; they first appear right before the Tarzan-like boy, and then they are seen entering the shrine where the baby is. It seems pretty mysterious, and perhaps it will have some sort of…

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