Jan 31, 2020
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Code Vein Hellfire Knight Weapons Guide

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The Hellfire Knight DLC for the game brings with it new tools for the players to use. This Code Vein Hellfire Knight Weapons Guide will give you an insight into all 4 new weapons added to the game.

Code Vein Hellfire Knight Weapons

The weapons in the Hellfire Knight DLC include:

  • Hellfire Pipe
  • Inferno Blade
  • Wrathful Balmung
  • Hellfire Hammer

Below is the information for the weapons, the stats and how to get those weapons.

Hellfire Pipe
“A club-like weapon warped by hellfire.”

To get this weapon you need the Hellfire DLC and need to complete Alpha and Omega Horror Hunting Trial.

For this trial, you need to defeat the Hellfire Knight by only using the Pipe of Thralldom, use no items or regeneration during the fight and take no damage. Possibly the toughest weapon to acquire out of all the Hellfire Knight DLC weapons.

The weapon’s physical damage is the base damage and scaling damage, that is based on your character level.

  • Mobility:…

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