Jan 6, 2020
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Players Want Overwatch To Support Australian Wildfires

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Unfortunately, the episode of wildfires that Australia has been experiencing for months has not stopped and it is known that such disasters have serious consequences for the flora, fauna and the nearby society. Gradually different countries and organizations have responded in the fight against the fire by repairing the damage. In that sense, a group of players thought that our sector should do the same and made a request for Blizzard to help.

According to a Dotesports report, Overwatch fans made a request to Blizzard through reddit in which they ask the company to launch some special skins with firefighters design for the game’s characters, this as part of a campaign in support to the situation in Australia with wildfires. According to Overwatch players, the initiative would be possible at least with skins for Junkrat and Roadhog, who could see some variations in their design and shots to fit them in the style of a firefighter suit and…

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