Jan 3, 2020
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PS5 Specs Might Be Lower Than Xbox Series X, As Per Leaks

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The Xbox might boast a significantly more powerful GPU than its competitor next gen.

PS4 Xbox Controller

A leak from an unlikely source may have spilled the beans on the hardware specs of the PS5 and (to a lesser extent) the Xbox Series X. Arising from AMD test data that has further been verified by Digital Foundry, the leak paints a clearer picture of what to expect from the specs of Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles.

Sony, it seems, is looking to strike a balance between price and power, and though it’s still looking like a significant step up from the PS4 (and PS4 Pro), it’s not up to par with the Xbox Series X. The PS5 reportedly has a a GPU with 36 available compute units running at 2.0GHz, which would amount roughly to 9.2 teraflops. The leak also mentions that the system will make use of GDDR6 memory (which the Xbox Series X is also confirmed to have), at a bandwidth of 448…

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