Jan 23, 2020
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Square Enix Teases 2 New ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Games?

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A new Kingdom Hearts game is on its way ‘surprisingly soon’. This information was revealed during a lengthy interview with the developers.

To celebrate Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind’s release, the Japanese Twitter account for the game held a Q&A session. During the session, it was revealed that Re Mind is the first and only DLC for the current installment. “We are already working on the next title. One title will be coming surprisingly soon,” revealed the team.

The new DLC is set to jump around the narrative that was established during Kingdom Hearts 3. It will dive deeper into Kairi’s rescue and the DLC’s ending will connect with the ending of the main game.

Meanwhile, Square Enix made another surprising announcement on the all-new Project Xehanort Twitter account. An all-new Kingdom Hearts mobile game is hitting iOS and Android mobile devices in Spring 2020. Project Xehanort is the working title for the game.

Beyond the Spring…

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