Jan 14, 2020
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This 24 Karat Gold NES Is Selling For $275K On eBay

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One of the rarest consoles in the whole world has made its way to eBay, where it’s being listed for a cool $250,000 USD. Listed by seller blake31237 is the “24K GOLD NINTENDO Analogue NT NES System,” which is one of only 10 consoles ever produced.

According to the seller, this is the ninth of 10, and it’s still factory sealed, making it one of the most desirable consoles for a video game collector.

Credit: eBay/blake31237

Uncrate describes the gold NES in detail, writing: “Every piece of the Nt’s aluminum enclosure receives plating in pure 24k gold, and is then polished by hand in Seattle. Otherwise, it’s the same as the standard version, with the ability to play NES, Famicom, and even Famicon Disk System games — the latter being rather important since Zelda made its February 1986 debut on that format, and didn’t see a cartridge release until the next year — on the original controllers.”

The package includes an HDMI upgrade, along with a gold version of The…

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