Feb 4, 2020
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Kentucky Route Zero Tells a Story of Change, Duty, and Loss

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Kentucky Route Zero is the sort of game where you get back what you put into it. The amount of time you spend connecting with the characters and their world rewards you with varying messages and morals. Each person could take away something different from the adventure, depending on who they liked most, how many optional excursions they went on, if they played through the interludes, and their own mindset when playing. The one guarantee is that it would be thought provoking and perhaps get you wondering about how the Kentucky Route Zero allegories from its now complete tale might apply to your own life.

Certain themes do carry greater weight than others in Kentucky Route Zero’s five acts. The concept of change is one. Throughout the game, it could feel like someone is constantly living through the aftermath of life-changing events. Conway, a truck driver, is attempting to make a delivery to a place called Dogwood Drive, searching for the titular Route Zero to get there. He arrives…

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