Feb 10, 2020
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Double Trouble Is a Co-Op Dream

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When Wargroove first released last year, I thoroughly enjoyed the story campaign. But what I didn’t expect to also enjoy was the co-op features that it brought to the table as well. The newly released Double Trouble DLC doubles down on that co-op aspect, and it breathes new life into this already amazing tactical game.

Double Trouble introduces the new Outlaws faction, led by literal gruff daddy Wulfar. He’s accompanied by the twins Errol and Orla, and the entire campaign consists of these two commander units working together to pull off the biggest heist ever in the land of Aurania.

The vanilla campaign of Wargroove was already tough enough, and Double Trouble doesn’t pull any punches with this new scenario either.

While you can play the new campaign solo, it’s just way more enjoyable with a friend. With the co-op aspect in play, both players have their own pools of money to manage, and their own camps and outposts to think about.

Whereas the original Wargroove campaign…

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