Feb 25, 2020
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Sony to Introduce Amiibo Like Magnetic Toys?

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A new Sony Interactive Entertainment patent that’s recently been filed might foreshadow the arrival of amiibo-like magnetic toys at some point in the future. While we don’t know what these might be used for, hopefully some Sony announcement at some point in the future will elaborate on it more, along with its function.

From what we can see in the patent, the device runs much on Amiibo-style principles. Upon being attached to a magnetic base, the toys in question will send a signal through the device that’s dependent on what toys are on the platform to the actual game console. The Patent reads:

The objective of the present invention is to achieve low cost and high durability in a toy system in which it is possible to determine a status of a separate toy.

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Ever since Nintendo popularized the concept of Amiibos for Super Smash Bros Wii U, the technology has been used in a number of other games, both from Nintendo and others. Ubisoft, for…

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