Feb 28, 2020
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Producer Talks D&D Elements, Party Interactions, Romance & More

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To the (pleasant) surprise of many, Baldur’s Gate 3 was revealed to not only be a thing last year at E3 but that it was also going to be revived under the care of one of the CRPG genre’s most respected names: Larian Studios.

The other day, Twinfinite alongside other members of the gaming press had an opportunity to speak to David Walgrave, executive producer at Larian Studios about Baldur’s Gate 3.

Like many of you, we wanted to learn more about how deep the game’s connections to Dungeon’s & Dragons will be this time around, how you’ll be able to interact with party members, and most importantly the level of care Larian Studios is putting into this beloved IP. Below is everything we learned.

Ed McGlone: What are the most important aspects of Baldur’s Gate series and how do you intend to ensure that all of that is carried over and improved upon and Baldur’s Gate 3?

David Walgrave, Executive Producer Larian Studios We thought about this before we started in…

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