Feb 20, 2020
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Devolver Digital Confirms They’re Still Coming To E3

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The zany conference will be there.

Devolver Digital

E3 this year will most likely be a different experience than what we are traditionally used to. A lot of big names are skipping the conference altogether, and the ESA will be taking the show in a very different direction. But there’s still a lot of familiar names coming to E3 regardless of what’s happening, and one of them is sure to be a zany treat.

For the last few years, Devolver Digital has had a press conference that’s somehow gotten weirder and weirder with each year. Last year sure was…something. Via their official Twitter, which you can see below, they confirm that their E3 show is still a go.

While E3 itself may be changing, it’s not quite to the point where everyone is jumping ship just yet. Devolver is sure to have a bizarre show, so let’s hope that they can top themselves with the weird show and offbeat games.

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