Feb 29, 2020
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DualShock 5 Adaptive Triggers Might Be Using Magnetic Fluid

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DualShock 5 will feature adaptive triggers that developers can adjust to offer varying levels of resistance in games. Hence, when players press the new triggers, they will be able to differentiate between various in-game actions like pulling an arrow or firing a machine gun.

Sony confirmed these immersive features last year but with words alone. PlayStation 5 and DualShock 5 have still not been revealed to the public and hence, only speculations can help better understand the upcoming next-generation hardware and technology.

In a recent report, GizChina noted that DualShock 5 may possibly be using magnetic fluid for the new adaptive triggers. The Japanese technology uses a magnetic field to either soften or harden fluid containing nanoparticles. Hence, how DualShock 5 will change the level of resistance on the adaptive triggers. The game will simply signal the fluid in the controller to adjust the tension of the adaptive triggers based on…

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