Feb 26, 2020
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Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to PC Soon?

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It appears that Horizon Zero Dawn may be coming to the PC very soon. First of all, a listing has been spotted on Amazon, showing Horizon Zero Dawn is about to tackle the PC platform. However, those listings may sometimes be off the hook, but could also have a truthful factor.

The PS4 exclusive, at least as known so far, might unveil a PC version throughout this week. After three years of existence, wouldn’t it be a bit too late for such a release? The developers at Guerilla Games have not discovered anything regarding the listing on Amazon France.

Horizon Zero Dawn was such a refreshing title to play in an era of AAA releases. Its narrative was just perfect, and if players were to pick between titles, Horizon Zero Dawn was always a favorite, although PC players weren’t a part of the initial shuffle.

Previously, a leak has discovered a potential outbreak of Horizon Zero Dawn on the PC platform. The leak was first stated by a Russian gamer named Anton Logvinov. Is this a reality…

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