Feb 4, 2020
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PS4 Hits 108.9 Million in Worldwide Shipments

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6.1 million consoles were shipped in the quarter ending December 31st 2019.

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In early January, Sony revealed that the PS4 had sold 106 million units worldwide. In its recent Q3 FY2019 results, it announced that worldwide shipments for the console had hit 108.9 million. In the three month period ending December 31st 2019, the company shipped 6.1 million consoles.

Though this is down from 8.1 million consoles shipped in the same period last year, the company’s forecast for the current fiscal year remains the same. It plans to sell 13.5 million PS4 consoles by March 31st 2020. Considering the PS5 is on the horizon, this is still a pretty reasonable goal especially with the exclusives coming this year.

Sony also announced a total of 38.8 million PlayStation Plus subscribers as of December 31st 2019, which is up by 2.5 million over Q3 FY2018. It also confirmed that 81.1…

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