Feb 17, 2020
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Second Fortnite Season 2 teaser released: what does it mean?

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Epic Games has released their second official teaser for Fortnite Season 2. What does it mean?

The buildup to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is following a similar pattern to some of the previous seasons. Epic is generating hype a few days before the season is set to begin with some in-game and real-world teasers.

The number of real-world teasers is much greater than anything we’ve seen outside of Season 5. The official Fortnite social media accounts also shifted to a gold theme with a handprint reminiscent of the Dark Brotherhood from the Elder Scrolls series.

Today, February 17, the Fortnite account tweeted another teaser. The picture showed the aforementioned handprint with the message “Transmission Intercepted.” There are several black boxes attached as well, which many assume correspond to letters, spelling out a hidden message.

Epic is back to their old tricks with this cryptic messaging. What does “Transmission intercepted,” mean? Are they talking about the phone numbers…

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