Mar 23, 2020
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Resident Evil 3 Complete Playthroughs Leaked Online

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Take due note that the entire playthrough — start to finish — of the highly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 3 has been uploaded online. In other words, the internet has just been flooded with a ton of spoilers and players interested in protecting themselves should double check before venturing into any Resident Evil 3-related material on social media platforms.

The following video for example is just one of many, containing the complete playthrough of Resident Evil 3 in entirety. While some players have rushed through the storyline in about two hours, the remake offers about five hours of playtime on average. Those immune to spoilers, though, can see for themselves how Capcom has overhauled the classic installment.

Speaking of which, Capcom should be taking down these videos one at a time fairly soon. Resident Evil 3 is not scheduled to release for another twelve days or so but troubles began when several copies of the game were leaked…

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