Mar 31, 2020
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How to quickly open Henchmen chests in Fortnite

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There’s a quicker way to open Henchmen chests in Fortnite. Here’s how.

It’s crazy to think that Fortnite Season 2 has been out for almost two months, already. It seems like just yesterday that we were saved from the long night that was Season 1.

Two months into Season 2, and players are still finding new mechanics to use and exploit. In fact, Epic recently disabled Grenades due to a crazy exploit that allowed you to throw several at once.

Via: Epic Games

At this point, most players know how to quickly open a Henchman chest when they’re in disguise. Still, it’s worth mentioning for those who don’t.

To open a henchman chest while disguised, all you have to do is have a gun that isn’t fully reloaded – shoot your AR once if you have to. From there, scan yourself at a chest and press your reload button. Voilà you’ve opened the chest.

Apparently, you can also open these chests quickly when carrying a Henchman – something that Redditor RichHomieQu1nn revealed in a post….

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