Mar 23, 2020
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Doom Eternal Runes Locations Guide

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DOOM Eternal succeeds at making the game’s mechanics friendly to newcomers of the game. There is a lot to the customization of the Doom Slayer himself without making things unnecessarily complex. One way to gain perks and advantages against the demons of hell, are Runes and in this Doom Eternal Runes Locations we will show you how to find and use them.

Runes give you additional perks, from which you can only select three at a time. Like the previous game, there are no tasks to be completed in order to acquire perks; simply walk up to one and collect it for yourself.

Doom Eternal Runes Locations

When you reach the ring-shaped part of the map; you can conveniently get here as you follow the main objective, it’s located on a platform to the side, simply get up and collect it.

Cultist Base
Another rune can be found once you advance to the Cultist Base. After acquiring the rocket launcher, there will be a breakable wall ahead. Naturally,…

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