Mar 5, 2020
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Epic responds to Fortnite footstep audio bug on console (updated)

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Xbox and PS4 Fortnite players have been experiencing footstep audio issues. Epic is investigating.

Update 3/5 12:20 EST: Epic has released a statement, saying that the footstep audio has been fixed. This quick-fix makes it seem like a short-term problem that’s only been in the game for a few hours, though many players have been reporting long-term issues of player footsteps. Is the issue really over? We shall see.

Original article: Have you been eliminated from behind in a recent Fortnite match? Did you rage and wonder why you didn’t hear the other player coming? You’re not alone.

This issue seems to have been in the game – in some form of another – since Fortnite’s release. It’s always been difficult to hear where your opponent is coming from – especially if they’re above or below you.

Well, apparently, part of the reason that console players have difficulty hearing footsteps is due to a bug. The Fortnite Status Twitter account posted about it today, March 5.

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