Mar 2, 2020
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Free Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Is Now Available

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Final Fantasy VII remake is about to drop, and Square Enix has amped up the anticipation by launching a free playable demo!

The freebie will give you just enough of a taste to tide you over until FF 7’s launch in just a few weeks’ time, and there’s a LOT in here to unpack.

Credit: Square Enix

GameByte’s very own Brett Claxton got to go hands-on with the demo before its release, and as a die-hard FF 7 fan, he had a lot of thoughts on what we can expect of both the demo and the full game’s release.

Brett said of the demo: “Most noticeably, and probably most predictably, it’s the graphics that stand out the most. Final Fantasy VII was by no means an ugly game when it originally came out but technology has evolved drastically since then. The fact that Final Fantasy VII Remake looks graphically superior isn’t a shock.

“Character models look the best they ever have in the Final Fantasy VII universe. Yet it’s not just that the models look good though. The…

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