Mar 12, 2020
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Lego Super Mario Involves Interactive Lego Sets

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The Lego Super Mario toys have been revealed after being teased on Mar10 Day 2020. It turns out there will be actual Lego sets starring the famous plumber and perhaps both friends and foes. However, there’s a twist to them. Mario will have an electronic component tied to him that makes noise and causes the Mario figure to have different animations display on his chest and face when you play. The result is something that seems almost game like.

The first Lego Super Mario trailer takes people through how the set works. Mario is an interactive character with electronic elements. Once you have built a “challenge” for someone, which is laid out like a Super Mario game level, someone turns on Mario and places him in the pipe. A 60 second counter begins.

It is then up to a person to take Mario through the newly created Lego Super Mario course. The figure interacts with game elements, getting coins for stomping Goombas or defeating Bowser Jr. You can go through different traps and…

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