Mar 7, 2020
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Refrain Otome Game Will Get a VR Experience

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Starting in late March 2020, visitors to Capcom’s amusement facilities will be able to experience the otome visual novel Imprisoned Palm: Refrain in a face-to-face VR experience. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

For ¥900 (roughly $8.50), VR players can enjoy a “painfully real” romantic experience as you meet with Chiaki and connect with him in his prison cell. While wearing the VR headset, players will have a 360 degree view of his environment and feel like they’re really communicating with him. Players who look up, down, left, or right will experience new sounds as they engage with Chiaki. A guard might call out from behind the cell door of the prison or he might even react, following your eyes mid-conversation.

Although subtitles will be provided for players, there will also be an option to turn them off during your time in the game to heighten the experience. However, any dialogue options that appear will be shown in text, so that players can choose how they want to respond to Chiaki….

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