Apr 1, 2020
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Nemesis Catches Up With You in Resident Evil 3

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The big boss of this week’s group of Japanese releases is Resident Evil 3which brings Jill’s adventure through the last days of Raccoon City onto modern platforms. Nemesis, the iconic villain from the game, is bigger, faster than ever, and brings new tricks to the table. Resident Evil 3 is accompanied by a separate title, Resident Evil: Resistance, which has four players working together against a Mastermind, who essentially has the role of setting up defenses across several facilities.

Japan also welcomes back a cute little mascot with Kotoba no Puzzle: Mojipittan Encore, which is a puzzle game where you fill in Japanese words. This does mean that a lot of Japanese knowledge is required, but for those that do have it, the game has been updated with new phrases to fill in the gaps over the past ten years, such as Reiwa.

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