Apr 2, 2020
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Sea of Thieves is Heading to Steam To Accompany Gears 5

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Microsoft is before making a quite unusual move. Sea of Thieves, Microsoft’s, and Rare’s proudly successful action-adventure game are slowly making its way to Steam. These are one of the biggest Microsoft releases and will accompany not only Gears 5 but also State of Decay.

Sea of Thieves is currently listed as Coming Soon on Steam, without an official release date. The release date placeholder states Coming Soon, and for a game that’s been out for around two years, it could happen any time. The characteristic between Steam and the Microsoft store is probably the features for which they need to be further tweaked to meet the requirements.

Otherwise, everyone knows the flawless stability of Sea of Thieves. Furthermore, Steam has published a statement regarding the arrival of Sea of Thieves, which confirms the possibility of having Cross-Play. Sea of Thieves will be Cross-Play enabled, between Xbox One and PC.

We’re genuinely thrilled to bring Sea of Thieves to Steam, and…

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