Apr 9, 2020
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Explore The Amazon Rainforest With Planet Zoo’s New DLC

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Planet Zoo is offering its users the chance to take a walk on the wild side thanks to their new South American themed DLC, released on April 7. 

The new pack offers five new iconic animals and over 250 scenery pieces to perfectly transform your park into a jungle getaway. All of the new additions are inspired by the iconic environments and experiences offered by South America. The DLC is the second Planet Zoo have released and launched alongside a free update for any existing players. 

Credit: Frontier Developments

So what are the new animals on offer? A brand new Jaguar, the fun-loving Capuchin Monkey, a colossal Giant Anteater, the mystical Red-Eyed Tree Frog and the ever popular Llama all will be arriving at your zoo to wow visitors. These new animal attractions all come with their own unique needs and the user will need to learn to adapt their play style to best suit the new animal welfare and conservation efforts. New research is available in order to expand the users park…

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