Apr 22, 2020
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Fortnite Available On Android Now Through Google Play Store

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After trying to go on their own, Epic comes to the Store.

Fortnite The End

Fortnite remains on top of the mountain when it comes to the video games kingdom. While it’s had its dips here and there, it’s become embedded in the culture with crossovers of various franchises and other pop culture icons. It’s available on just about everything under the sun, including Android. It also seems that in regards to that, the game also will be coming to the OS’s standard store, after a long holdout.

In a statement given to Polygon, Epic Games confirmed they are finally bringing the popular shooter to the Google Play Store. Before this, Epic tried to create their own side launcher with their own app after Google would not step back from their profit percentage cut. It didn’t work out too well, apparently, and the company is relenting. Although, by the tone of the statement, it was done with…

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