Apr 28, 2020
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Trials of Mana Dark Lich Boss Guide

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This Trials of Mana Remake walkthrough will cover the boss fight against The Dark Lich. Trials of Mana Dark Lich Boss is a major recurring villain in the series and an incredibly powerful demon warlock.

The final boss of the game depends on who your main character is. The Dark Lich is the final boss if your main character is Kevin or Charlotte.

Trials of Mana Dark Lich Boss

He will be at level 65 and although his attacks are deadly, you will have plenty of windows in which he leaves himself open.

His weakness varies from location to location.

  • In a black background, he uses Shadow and is weak against Light
  • In water he uses Water/Ice and is weak against Fire
  • In a desert he uses Light and Earth and has no real weakness. Attacking him with his current element only heals him.

His Leaf Sabre attack allows him to drain your party of their magic-points when he swipes his claw at you.

Dodge it and then take the opportunity to run at him and start…

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