Apr 29, 2020
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Generation Zero Free To Play On Steam Until May 4th

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Survive the robotic apocalypse for free.

generation zero

With how many are still stuck indoors and all the death and hospitalizations, it can be easy to feel like we’re in the midst of the end of the world sometimes. But we’re not (or at least I hope we’re not), and there’s lots of stuff being given out for free in these trying times at least, and now you can play something about the end of the world that’s a bit more exciting and less depressing with Generation Zero.

The game was announced to have a free trial period that begins today and ends next week via Steam. The game takes place in an alternate 1980s Sweden where robot invaders have come and you must fight for survival as well as unravel the mystery of these menaces. If you enjoy what you play, you can also purchase it for 60% off.

Generation Zero will be free on Steam until May 4th. The game is also available for…

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