Apr 15, 2020
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All XP Coin locations for Midas’ Mission challenges

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Take a look at all of the XP coin locations for your Fortnite Season 2 Week 9 challenges.

Week 9 is here, which gives us another boatload of XP towards our gold skins. Most dedicated players have hit level 100 by now, but the gold variants are still a good distance away.

The Week 9 challenges are relatively easy to complete, save for a couple of them. One challenge requires you to collect five XP coins.

This will be easy enough if you regularly play the game, but what if you want to complete all of your challenges right away?

Challenge master SquatingDog has plenty of guides on how to complete your challenges. He even has a map that tells you all of the locations of the XP coins in the game.

Via: SquatingDog

As you can see, there are XP coins all over the place. Most of these have been there since Season 2 came out, but more get added with each update.

If you’re trying to find some new XP coins, I recommend visiting some of the locations on the coast – places you might not have gone,…

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