Apr 15, 2020
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Fortnite v12.40 leaked skins gliders, weapon wraps & more

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Take a look at all of the leaked skins and more from the Fortnite v12.40 update.

It’s patch day, which means it’s also leaking day. This update didn’t come with a long list of leaks like some of the others, but we do have a new bundle and an interesting list of new skins.

Ahead, we’ll cover the leaked skins, pickaxes, emotes, and more coming out of the v12.40 update.

Leaked Skins

Via: @Lucas7Yoshi

We got a number of leaked skins in the v12.40 update, including Guff, which seems to be the animated version of Skye’s Ollie.

Domino, Psylocke, and Cable are all part of Deadpool’s X-Force, so it’s no surprise to learn that they’ll be coming in a bundle.

Speaking of the X-Force, Deadpool will be getting an updated variant with his X-Force version. Here are all of the new variants that were leaked, including a new Oro glider and pickaxe style.

Via: @Lucas7Yoshi

The skins will also come with back bling. Here are the leaked back bling options found in the v12.40 update.


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