Apr 13, 2020
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Journey Steam Port Announced by Annapurna Interactive

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Journey, thatgamecompany’s award-winning adventure game from 2012, has had real legs. Since debuting on the PlayStation 3 as a digital download, Journey has made its way to PlayStation 4, mobile platforms, and even the PC last year. But when Journey did arrive on PC, it was a timed exclusive for the Epic Games Store. On June 11, 2020, prospective players holding out for a Steam release will finally be able to snag a copy.

The announcement comes from Annapurna Interactive, publisher of many thatgamecompany titles. There’s no word of any bonuses or special features, but that isn’t really what Journey is about. It’s a unique sort of experience that has made it to various platforms due to word of mouth and buzz from critics, award shows, and more.

Journey has received several nominations for awards, and won its fair share as well….

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