Apr 7, 2020
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Planet Zoo: South America Pack Is Now Available

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A new pack is now available in our favorite zoo simulator. The Planet Zoo South America Pack just got a new trailer and it shows off what you’ll be able to add to your existing park after the update. Add 5 more species to your zoo, decorate with more than 250 new scenery pieces and spice things up with new habitat requirements.

When it comes to simulation games, Planet Zoo is making all the right things. Taking a spin into a fan-favorite genre and adding exceptional realism to it has made the game more popular than it hoped to be. Now, the Planet Zoo South America Pack intends to add even more fluff. Since the addition of the new update which took place earlier today, you can have 5 new species in your zoo: the Jaguar, Llama, Capuchin Monkey, Giant Anteater, and the Red-Eyed Tree Frog.

The newly released trailer for the pack shows off all those species in action. In addition, you can see a bucketload of new scenery items:

The update includes…

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