Apr 3, 2020
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Rogue Legacy 2 Announced, Releases in Summer for PC

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Infinite Rune stacking, different weapons for each class and more revealed.

Rogue Legacy 2

What seemed like an April Fool’s Day joke has actually turned out to be a long-awaited announcement. Cellar Door Games has confirmed that Rogue Legacy 2 is happening and will release this Summer for PC. Like its predecessor, it’s a rogue-lite with players exploring an entire kingdom with randomly generated levels.

When you die, you get to play as your descendants who inherit new perks. Some will have Synethesia, others may gain additional strength and so on. The more harmful the perks, the more bonus you gain from gold. Furthermore, each class now has its own unique weapons from the Ranger’s bow and arrow to the Barbarian’s battleaxe.

You can also stack Runes, gaining multiple jumps, lifesteal and other traits to make subsequent runs easier. Cellar Door Games hasn’t confirmed whether the…

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