Apr 6, 2020
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Somebody Completed DOOM Eternal In Under 33 Minutes

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DOOM Eternal is one of those games where the user wants to take their time completing. The complicated storyline, elusive enemies and jaw-dropping visuals usually tend to mean a player would not want to run through the game and complete it as quickly as humanly possible. Well, some people don’t always follow those rules.

Twitch streamer Xamide has smashed his way through the game and has managed to complete it in just 31.08 minutes. What is more impressive is how Xamide has managed to figure out all the inner workings and methods that can be used to speed run in just two weeks.

Doom Eternal Battlemode: tips get you started in the 2v1 mode | PC ...
Credit: Bethesda

There are several videos floating around the internet where people have managed to complete the game in under 45 minutes but, for now, Xamide has the current world record. The time chartered for the completion does also include the unavoidable areas which you have to kill all the enemies in to proceed and also the cutscenes you literally cannot skip.

The vast majority of speed-runs…

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