Apr 7, 2020
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This ‘Band’ emote concept would be a perfect addition to Fortnite

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This synchronized emote idea would be a perfect fit in your Fortnite locker.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 brought another innovation to Fortnite cosmetics. This was the first time we saw a cooperative emote in the game.

The High-Five emote was nothing groundbreaking, but it opened the door to a host of new possibilities. We’ve already seen Epic add another couple of synchronized emotes, though nothing has jumped off of the page just yet.

One Fortnite player has an idea for another emote – this one involving up to four players. It’s a ‘Band’ emote where each member of the squad plays a different instrument.

You could have a guitarist, drummer, and bass player as default band members. An interesting wrinkle would be to let players choose different instruments, such as a saxophone, keyboard, etc. That way, a Team Rumble squad could come close to an orchestra.

Epic have been adding real songs to Fortnite as well, so they could even add a lead singer track to this emote.


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