Apr 25, 2020
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Trials of Mana Lil Cactus Locations Guide

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This Trials of Mana Remake guide will let you know all the Trials of Mana Lil Cactus Locations to help you find these collectible items and obtain the rewards.

Trials of Mana Lil Cactus Locations

Li’l Cactus are peculiar plant creatures in Trials of Mana Remake that are found all over the map, sometimes in plain sight on the usual path and sometimes cleverly hidden.

Finding a number of Li’l Cactus rewards you with XP boosts, shop discounts, treasures and much more.

Below are all the Li’l Cactus locations in the game

Golden Road
Follow the path leading to the west until it turns right at a small set of stairs. Take the right and just around the turn, the Li’l Cactus is under a tree by the road.

Free City of Maia
At the docks, you’ll find the Li’l Cactus on top of the shop covered in white cloth just by the ship. Get onto them from the higher street and jump from one to another to get to the last one at the edge; on top of it rests the…

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