Apr 17, 2020
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Warzone Adds Duos For Plunder Mode

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And yes, only for Plunder mode.

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Call of Duty: Warzone has given many people a lot of entertainment and time being a free to play title and bringing that beloved Call of Duty twitch-based gameplay to the battle royale genre. The game has been adding various ways to play for people, such as the recent additions of Trios that was brought back after fan demand. Now, there’s a new mode with Duos, also something fan requested, but it seems we got a bit of a monkey paw on this one.

Duos was added to the playlist as many wanted, but in a bizarre twist, it’s available only in Plunder mode. While Plunder mode uses the same map as the standard battle royale mode, it has full respawn and is focused on collecting cash over getting kills. It’s sure to leave fans scratching their heads, but hopefully it means Duos will be added to the main mode soon at the very least.

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