May 11, 2020
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PROJECT Re FANTASY Hiring Programmers

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A PROJECT Re FANTASY job listing is still showing on the official website and it looks like the team is still looking for programmers skilled in “coding software that operates on portable game consoles.” This also includes coding software that operates on high-end consoles for home use. However, it is important to note that, as people on Resetera noted, the page seems like it was only updated back in 2017. [Thanks, ResetEra!]

Additionally, despite the game being announced in 2018, it looks like there still is only the PlayStation 4 mentioned on the website itself. In December 2019, Atlus released a statement assuring fans that PROJECT Re FANTASY is still in development. News about this title has been relative quiet, with updates in 2019 being fairly scarce.

Katsura Hashino did share his thoughts on what his hopes and aspirations were for PROJECT Re FANTASY in 2020. Hashino mentioned in an interview that its development reminded him of working on Persona 3. He also said he hoped…

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