May 17, 2020
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Port Royale 4 Early Impressions, An Overall Pleasing Exerpience

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Port Royale 4 is a sea fearing simulator which takes us back to the colonization of Central America. The game is developed by Gaming Minds Studio, it’s the fourth installment in the series with previous game Port Royale 3 released in 2012.

While the game will be releasing on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. The Beta access is available on PC only.

So What I really like starting Port Royale 4 was an extensive tutorial, as an avid simulator game player you always stuck in different aspects of the game because there is no proper explanation given at the start.

Tutorial was a great start as a new comer for me, it goes into every aspect of the game explaining even the minor details that can affect your gameplay.

There will be four campaigns available to you but you will have to go through them in order. You can start the age of colonization with Spain, Move to England than France and at the end The Netherlands. The game is primarily…

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